There are different types of translations

Technical translations

Technical texts such as product descriptions or catalogues can mostly be translated literally.

Expressions or moods

Expressions or moods have to be adapted to the culture and way of thinking of the target language to ensure that they are correctly understood. This is no longer a simple translation, but a localisation.

When translating creative content or advertising, I’m more likely to talk about transcreation:

since your message should also have an effect in the target language, a certain amount of creativity is required!

Translation of SEO content and websites

Texts or websites that are search engine optimised in the source language should remain in the target language.

I establish the right keywords in the target language so that your texts or websites are also search engine optimised in the translated version.

Machine translation and post-editing

Have you translated your texts with translation software? Now you should have the translation checked by someone who knows the source and target language well. I can do the post-editing for you.

My source languages are Italian, German, French and English. My target languages are Italian and German.

I translate with linguistic expertise and cultural contextinto Italian or German, and I localise content for the Swiss market.

Areas in which I have long term experience are: